Healing Tails strongly believes in developing a   partnership   with proactive pet parents committed to   naturally   supporting their pet's health conditions and injuries without the use of continuous medications or surgery.

Physical Rehabilitation

“Healing Tails strongly believes in developing a partnership with proactive pet parents who are committed to naturally supporting their pet’s health conditions or injuries without the use of continuous medications or surgery.”

What We Provide


Back Pain


CCL Rehab

& Recovery

Senior Pet





Other Conditions Treated:


Hip dysplasia

Degenerative myelopathy

Elbow dysplasia


Laryngeal paralysis


Signs your pet might be having pain/discomfort

The number one thing we should know about our pets is that they are so much tougher than us humans! Our pets typically have to be in a tremendous amount of pain before they will cry or whine. The good news is that, if we pay close attention, our pets will show us other clues indicating that they may be experiencing pain or discomfort.  Our pets are wonderful and loving additions to our families and as pet owners; we all want to make sure that we are taking the best possible care of our furry companions.

Symptoms of pain or discomfort: 

Stiff or slow to stand

Difficulty walking up or downstairs

Trouble jumping up on the couch or in the car

Arching the back or walking differently

Slowing down on walks


Muscle spasms

How does physical rehabilitation help?

Our overall goal with physical rehabilitation is to help relieve your pet’s pain and inflammation naturally and improve your pet’s strength and mobility.  By closely assessing your pet’s areas of pain and weakness we’re able to create a progressive treatment plan which continues to build on the previous week's improvement. The best case scenario would be to progressively increase the difficulty of the exercises to bring your pet to optimal strength and mobility; this can only be accomplished under the guidance of a trained rehab professional.  Improving your pet’s endurance and strength and relieving their pain will ensure that you both are able to live the life you love for as long as possible together !

Why is physical rehabilitation necessary after surgery?

Rehabilitation helps to speed up the healing process after surgery. For example, when a dog injures their ACL, they can lose up to 30% of their muscle mass after surgery. It would take nearly a year of leash walking to regain that muscle mass. Over the course of that year when your pet is gradually getting stronger, those muscle imbalances could potentially predispose them to developing injuries or pain in other areas of their body as their musculoskeletal system compensates.  After any surgery a targeted rehab plan can help your pet get back to doing their regular activities pain free and sooner than they would without it. 

What is the initial exam like?

During your pet’s initial appointment we perform a detailed exam. We perform all of our exams on a comfy mat on the floor in the exam room with you present - this allows your pet to relax as much as possible and gives you the opportunity to answer any questions you may have throughout the exam. When your pet is relaxed we are able to get a better idea of the areas where they may be experiencing pain; we also check closely for any loss of muscle mass or strength.  All of this information that we collect during the exam helps us to better individualize a treatment plan specific to your pet’s condition. This program will consist of in-clinic treatments as well as homework for you and your pet (don’t worry - we will walk you through your homework to make sure you understand and feel comfortable taking your pet through their home exercises). 

Contact Form

We understand you may have questions or would like more information before booking. Please fill out the form and a member of the Healing Tails staff will reach out to you to make sure your questions are answered!

Success Stories

Nancy & Oscar

Jessica & Duke

Daniel & Mina

" Since day one Dr. Arielle has been accommodating to my pup who has anxiety and fearfulness. When she tore her ACL we opted for alternative treatment which got her walking with decreased lameness faster than we all had anticipated! Each session Arielle was very patient, observant, knowledgeable, and always listened to requests and concerns. Her approach was very adaptive from session to session based on progress. She also helped get my pups gut flora balanced within a month! Can't recommend her enough!"

"We can’t say enough about Dr. Arielle and Healing Tails! After our dog ruptured 2 discs and his hind legs became paralyzed he had back surgery and we started therapy with the Healing Tails crew. If you’re looking for a more personalized and caring approach to your pet’s recovery, look no further! I’ve been living in Chicago for more than 25 years, and have felt my vet experiences (and I’ve had many) were more $ driven than anything else. Healing Tails is not that. We are so happy to have been referred to Healing Tails, our dog is thriving and getting better every day!"

"Dr. Arielle has hands down been my aging Labrador Duke’s #1 advocate. I strongly recommend her for overall wellness, pain management and rehabilitation. I honestly think she saved our Duke! He’s almost 11 going on 4 ."

Lisa & Theodore

Dr Arielle is amazing. Nobody could help or figure out what was wrong with my bulldog but she did. Her therapy plan is amazing too. You dog or cat will totally he
The help it needs with Dr Arielle and her team!!

Alex & Skylar

I cannot say enough good things about Dr Arielle.  A few years ago my border collie Skylar woke up with
her back completely hunched over. Naturally I was terrified and immediately took to the ER. They didn’t have any explanations for me, all they did was give her some pain killers and send us home. The pain killers helped but a week later it happened again. This time I brought her in to see Dr Arielle. Dr Arielle was both kind and knowledgeable. She followed the proper protocol and took her xrays,  did a full body examination a chiropractic adjustment on her. Now as long as Skylar receives regular chiropractic adjustments she’s my normal happy girl. We are beyond grateful to Dr Arielle.  


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