Healing Tails strongly believes in developing a   partnership   with proactive pet parents committed to   naturally   supporting their pet's health conditions and injuries without the use of continuous medications or surgery.


Kudos to you for being proactive about your pet’s health and incorporating holistic medicine into their wellness plan! Download this FREE guide now and follow these top tips to ensure the best experience for your pet.

Holistic Medicine

“Healing Tails strongly believes in developing a partnership with proactive pet parents who are committed to naturally supporting their pet’s health conditions or injuries without the use of continuous medications or surgery.”

Holistic medicine works to help support your pet’s body naturally. A holistic approach may be more effective at helping to support patients suffering from chronic illnesses and disease as we work to rebalance the pet’s entire body. By determining which systems are weak in your pet and strengthening them,  we are able to support your pet while working to resolve the root cause of their disease. For pets with conditions that require long term medications, we can utilize holistic medicine to augment the effects of traditional western drugs or help to alleviate and protect the body from some of the unwanted side effects.

Holistic medicine treatment options include:


Chiropractic care

Herbal medicine

Laser therapy

Vaccine titer testing

How Does Holistic Medicine Help?

If your pet has a chronic health issue,  it may take several treatments to see improvement. Treating a chronic health concern takes consistent effort and follow up. Unlike western medicine, which can have a near immediate effect on symptoms, the effects of holistic medical practices are cumulative and help heal the body over time.

Holistic medicine can help the following conditions:

Inflammatory Bowel Disease



Kidney Disease

Liver Disease

Cushing’s Disease

Heart Disease


Food sensitivities/allergies

Chronic skin infections

Autoimmune Disease

Seizure Disorders

Holistic medicine can also help manage symptoms which may result from chronic conditions which include:

Chronic vomiting or diarrhea

Itchy, smelly skin

Hair loss


Decreased appetite

Loss of energy

Lip smacking or belching


Urinary or fecal incontinence

What happens during the first exam?

Before you even bring your pet into Healing Tails for their first exam, we request records from your other veterinarians so we can have a more complete understanding of your pet’s health. During your visit we will listen carefully to all of your concerns about your pet and perform a thorough exam. We will make recommendations and create an individualized treatment plan,  which may include diet changes and/or the addition of supplements or herbs or additional tests to further determine the underlying cause of your pet’s condition. Our exams are completed on a comfy mat on the floor-- with you present --because we believe that healing best starts in a calm environment. After your appointment we will email you a complete summary of all of the things that were discussed during your appointment.

We value partnerships with pet parents and look forward to helping you and your pet on their healing journey.

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