Healing Tails strongly believes in developing a   partnership   with proactive pet parents committed to   naturally   supporting their pet's health conditions and injuries without the use of continuous medications or surgery.


As a special gift for you, Dr. Arielle Herndobler has put together this FREE guide that highlights important steps to heal your pet's allergies.

Natural Allergy Relief

“Healing Tails strongly believes in developing a partnership with proactive pet parents who are committed to naturally supporting their pet’s health conditions or injuries without the use of continuous medications or surgery.”

Allergies can make you and your pet pet miserable! The symptoms of allergies can range from mild to severe; but no matter what, allergies can affect the quality of your pet’s life. 

Red, watery, goopy eyes

Itchy, red skin

Generalized body odor

Red, itchy, stinky ears



Excessive licking, especially the paws


The Problem with a Conventional Approach to Allergies

During your pet’s allergy season, you may feel like you visit your veterinarian every other week. Or perhaps you have a pet that shows allergy symptoms year round. You receive medications and treatments for your pet and the symptoms get better for a while, but keep reappearing. Maybe you’ve tried prescription diets and allergy medications but nothing seems to help. 


The problem with a conventional approach to allergies is that the medications are designed only to bring relief of symptoms rather than heal your pet’s body and address the allergies from the inside out.

Why A Holistic Approach Works

A holistic approach to allergies helps to identify and address underlying imbalances in your pet’s systems. By identifying the imbalances, addressing gut health and supporting detoxification pathways, we can help provide long term relief for the allergy symptoms.

Is this Approach Right for You?

You’ll need patience and commitment in order to tackle your pet’s allergies from a holistic approach. Healing your pet’s body from the inside out will take time and your pet’s age, severity of allergies and underlying medical conditions all will determine how quickly and how completely their body will respond. In some patients we may be able to completely resolve their symptoms,  while in other patients we still may need to manage symptoms. During your pet’s initial consultation we will discuss a treatment plan and discuss expected outcomes. No matter what, we will be able to improve your pet’s overall health. 

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