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Natural Cancer Support


My pet was diagnosed with Cancer now what?

Finding out that your pet was diagnosed with cancer can be scary and confusing. All of a sudden you’re faced with making medical decisions for your pet, with the added pressure of feeling you need to move quickly to make sure that your pet receives the care they need as soon as possible   As veterinarians, our job is to help guide you through the treatment options, the pros and cons of each option, and to help you make an educated decision about the care for your pet. 


As veterinarians, we should also be respectful of the fact that there is no right or wrong answer to how you choose to proceed, as long as you have been informed of all your options. For some pet parents, this means doing nothing --at least from a conventional point of view. However, choosing a palliative approach to your pet’s care have to mean doing nothing at all. Many pet parents turn to the internet for advice, trying to piece together the best diet and supplement program from various internet sources, which in itself can be overwhelming. Doing nothing does not mean that you have to face the situation alone. At Healing Tails we work hard to stay up to date on the best supplements and alternative treatment options available to pets to help prolong their quality of life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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