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dog recovering from surgery

Animal Post Operative Recovery

Surgery for your dog or cat is a big commitment - you've likely invested both a lot of time researching the options and choosing the best veterinary surgeon.  Post-operative physical rehabilitation is the best way to protect your investment and achieve the best outcome possible for you and your best friend. 


At Healing Tails we are knowledgeable about surgical procedures and treatment goals for post-operative patients. We can tailor treatments to improve the well-being of your pet and better ensure long term success for your pet's surgical recovery!

5 Reasons Rehab Is Important For Your Dog or Cat After Surgery

1. Eases pain and swelling

Swelling and pain after surgery can be a normal part of the healing process. Treatments done during the rehabilitation process can help your dog or cat recover by decreasing swelling and pain and can help prevent the pain from becoming chronic. 

2. Improves mobility, balance and strength

Surgery can cause reduced mobility in the affected region or body part. Your dogs's natural response is to protect the painful area, which can cause muscle tension, spasms and limit range of motion. Rehab can help your pet improve their mobility through targeted exercise, stretching and massage. In general, exercise can also help improve core strength, balance and stability. 

3. Reduces scar tissue formation

After surgery or an injury, scar tissue can form as part of the healing process. Scar tissue can reduce mobility and result in pain and loss of function. Laser therapy, stretching and manual therapy can help reduce scar tissue and improve your pet's surgical outcome. 

4. Improves flexibility

Inactivity can lead to weakened muscles that easily become stiff which can predispose your pet to further injury. It can also make everyday activities such as going up and down stairs and sitting difficult for your pet. 

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How Long Should My Pet Go to Physical Rehabilitation? 

The length of your pet's physical rehabilitation program is dependent on the surgery or injury we are treating. Most animal physical rehabilitation programs last between 5-10 weeks. 

We Offer Services to Help Pets Recover from Surgery


TPLO/CCL Surgery






Fracture Repair

Arthrodesis/Joint Fusions


We want to get your pet back to living the life they love pain free! Let us help with their care! Request an appointment for your pet today!

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