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Canine & Pet PT Clinic in Chicago

Canine PT...

Can be utilized for pets recovering from surgery, senior pets, and injured pets. It also provides natural pain relief and strengthening.

Help your pet remain active and pain free!

Whats In A Name?

You may be wondering why we call this service canine PT or physical rehabilitation rather than canine physical therapy. Well as it turns out, the term "physical therapy" is owned by the board which governs physical therapist and thus the term only applies to humans. So we use canine or pet physical rehabilitation instead of "physical therapy". 

Despite the difference in names, the concept is still the same. While most people think about physical rehab following orthopedic surgery or significant injuries such as fractures there are many other ways which we help pet improve their quality of life and overall mobility. Pet's suffering from arthritis pain, deconditioning due to age, weakeness from neurological conditions or back pain are all great candidates to start a physical rehabilitation program. 

Who Can Practice Canine & Pet PT?

Both veterinarians, physical therapists and certified veterinary technicians can become certified in canine and pet physical rehabilitation. When looking for a facility to help care for your pet, it is important to find a location that has staff who have been appropriately trained in physical rehabilitation for animals. 


Healing Tails Chicago Pet Rehabilitation & Acupuncture Offers Top Notch Care!

We are the only canine and pet physical rehabilitation clinic in Chicago where veterinarians and physical therapists trained specificially in pet PT and pain management manage every aspect of patient care. 
 Some veterinary rehab clinics will have assistants or other staff not trained and certified in physical rehabilitation caring for your pet. We want to make sure we offer the highest quality of care available.  

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