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Daniel and Mina


"Since day one Dr. Arielle has been accommodating to my pup who has anxiety and fearfulness. When she tore her ACL we opted for alternative treatment which got her walking with decreased lameness faster than we all had anticipated! Each session Arielle was very patient, observant, knowledgeable, and always listened to requests and concerns. Her approach was very adaptive from session to session based on progress. She also helped get my pups gut flora balanced within a month! Can't recommend her enough!"

Nancy and Oscar

"We can’t say enough about Dr. Arielle and Healing Tails! After our dog ruptured 2 discs and his hind legs became paralyzed he had back surgery and we started therapy with the Healing Tails crew. If you’re looking for a more personalized and caring approach to your pet’s recovery, look no further! I’ve been living in Chicago for more than 25 years, and have felt my vet experiences (and I’ve had many) were more $ driven than anything else. Healing Tails is not that. We are so happy to have been referred to Healing Tails, our dog is thriving and getting better every day!"


Jessica and Duke

"Dr. Arielle has hands down been my aging Labrador Duke’s #1 advocate. I strongly recommend her for overall wellness, pain management and rehabilitation. I honestly think she saved our Duke! He’s almost 11 going on 4 ."

Lisa and Theodore 

Dr Arielle is amazing. Nobody could help or figure out what was wrong with my bulldog but she did. Her therapy plan is amazing too. You dog or cat will totally he
The help it needs with Dr Arielle and her team!!


Liza and Bear

"Dr. Arielle changed my pup's life around. From being over-medicated to getting on track to gaining control of his so-called allergies with a holistic approach. We are currently working on achieving a healthy gut! Bear is hive free, parasite-free and on a balanced diet! Thank you Dr. Arielle & Arely!

#happyfrenchie #bestvetinchicago"

Elaine and Brody

"Dr. Arielle is an excellent veterinarian! She is by far the most knowledgeable and caring doctor we have ever met!

After seeing several vets and specialists with no results, Dr. Arielle was able to put our dog on the healing path from his inflammatory bowel disease. We have followed Dr. Arielle from a previous facility, and will follow her wherever she goes!"


Patrick and Kya


Dr. Arielle is the BEST, most brilliant, amazing, kind, compassionate person & veterinarian I’ve ever met. We’ve been to 5 different vet clinics the past 2 yrs, dealt w/ 9 different veterinarian’s from the city to the suburbs. Coming here was the best decision I could have ever made for my dog. It was a worse case scenario, my puppy was so itchy she was scratching herself till she bleeds, had no hair on her face & most of her body. Followed all of Dr. Arielle’s instructions & my dog has almost fully recovered. We are forever grateful to her! She’s the best of the best & 

Laura and Finn

"Dr. Arielle has been an integral part of my pup's healing. After his surgery to remove a tumor on his back, I felt lost at how to move forward. He had many complications from his surgery and traditional methods were failing him. As a fellow veterinary professional, it has been a pleasure to learn how to care for my dog in a holistic way. Dr. Arielle has found the perfect balance between western medicine while using her vast knowledge of holistic therapy. At this point,  Finn has worked with Dr. Arielle on nutrition, supplements, acupuncture, chiropractic and physical rehab. He could not be in better hands and I am beyond grateful for veterinarians like her- as she has given us hope of healing! I cannot recommend her enough... she might just be able to help you and your companion the way she helped mine :)"


Dr. Kreuser & Annie

"Dr. Arielle Herndobler, DVM is brilliant and skilled in holistic animal care."

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